» Easier Replacement and Installation
Rheem Universal product line is designed to make short work of replacement jobs. Unlike other Commercial Gas Water Heater, our Universal model offer all these feature :

  1. Top, front and rear inlet and outlet connection
  2. Low profile automatic flue damper to help minimize overall height
  3. Easy side venting when combine with our AGA-certified power vent kits
  4. Smaller jacket diameters
  5. Shorter floor-to-vent heights

» Plus, Easier Maintenance
On Rheem Universal Gas models, maintenance is easy with :

  1. Hand-hole cleanout for romoval of sediment deposits
  2. Full port, full flow brass drain valvet
  3. System Sentinel™ diagnostics allow to quickly verify system operation sequence by sequence
  4. Staineless Steel burner assembly that slide out like a drawer for quick inspection