» Unmatched Durability
Our patented insulation process, seamless liner and tough outer jacket make Marathon the most durable in the business

» Lightweight Design
Marathon’s lightweight tank is easier to maneuver and position, and features a bowl tank that drains completely

» Simple Installation & Service
Unique design allows one-person installation for fast service, lower costs and quick maintenance

» Dry Fire Protection
Advance circuitry ensures that heating elements only turn on when surrounded by water, prolonging their life

» Patented Insulation Process
2.5" polyurethane insulation reduces heat loss for greater energy efficiency

» Seamless Plastic Liner
The marathon water heater features a seamless, blow-molded plastic inner tank, so it won't rust or corrode

» Tough Outer Jacket
Multiple layers of filament wound fiberglass give the tank unmatched strength

ModelTank CapacityFirst Rating G.P.HRecovery in G.P.H @90° Rise
MR40245150 ltr5220
MR50245190 ltr6120
MR85245323 ltr9120
MR105245399 ltr10420
MSR50245190 ltr5420
ModelA (Inch)B (Inch)C (Inch)Approx. Ship WT (LBS)