» Dependability
Rheem Heavy Duty Gas have a range of individual features and they're available in indoor and outdoor models

» Quality
Storage Cylinder : Special Grade of Steel and lined with a double coated Vitreous Enamel

» Special Features

  • HSI, which remove the need for a pilot light. Lower operating cost. There's also 1 100% flame failure control built in
  • Multi-Fin flue tube technology for ultra high performance, providing greater thermal input and better thermal efficiency in less space
  • Electronic thermostat providing fine temperature control with digital setting display
  • a multiple manifold installation may be used when more than 8 water heater or storage tank are required
Model630 260631 275620 260621 275
Storage capacity260 ltr275 ltr260 ltr275 ltr
Weight empty (Kg)10619098180
T & PR Valve Setting1000 kPa1000 kPa1000 kPa1000 kPa
Max. thermostat setting65° C82° C65° C82° C
Factory thermostat setting60° C70° C60° C70° C
Min. thermostat settingOff60° COff60° C
A (mm)1640186516601895
B (mm)590640590640
C (mm)680780680780
D (mm)990760990760
E (mm)330700330700
F (mm)295340297340
G (mm)1520169515201695
H (degrees)27362736
K (mm)655722655722
L (mm)295320295320
M (mm)--100200
P (mm)420320--