» Efficiency

  1. Isolated tank design reduces conductive heat loss
  2. High efficiency resistored heating element for added protection to prolong anode rod and tank life
    82V series : Dual Cooper Heating Element
    85V series : Single Stainless Steel Lower Heating Element
    Optional Heating Element Available : 1,5 kW/ 3.0 kW/ 4.5 kW @240V

» Features

  1. Exclusive Rheemglas tank lining resist corrosion
  2. Anode Rod equalized aggresive water action and prolongs the life of the water heater
  3. Electric junction box located above heating elements for easy installation
  4. Over-temperature protector cuts off power in excess temperature situation
  5. Automatic thermostat keeps water at desired temperature
  6. Temperature and pressure relief valve included to ensure safety
ModelTank CapacityHeating ElementShipping WeightDimension (d x h)
82V30-2114 ltr4.5 kW @240V 36 Kg460 x 1180 mm
82V40-2151 ltr4.5 kW @240V43 Kg510 x 1200 mm
82V52-2189 ltr4.5 kW @240V49 Kg490 x 1460 mm
82V66-2246 ltr4.5 kW @240V68 Kg540 x 1510 mm
82V80-2303 ltr4.5 kW @240V80 Kg595 x 1510 mm
82V120-2454 ltr4.5 kW @240V147 Kg730 x 1510 mm
ModelTank CapacityHeating ElementShipping WeightDimension (d x h)
85V30-1114 ltr4.5 kW @240 V40 Kg452 x 1165 mm
85V40-1151 ltr4.5 kW @240 V48 Kg503 x 1200 mm
85V52-1189 ltr4.5 kW @240 V54 Kg485 x 1455 mm
85V66-1246 ltr4.5 kW @240 V71 Kg530 x 1500 mm
85V80-1303 ltr4.5 kW @240 V84 Kg585 x 1500 mm
85V120-1454 ltr4.5 kW @240 V153 Kg720 x 1590 mm