» Features

  1. True multipoint operation through large 32 mm connections with no exchange coils to restrict pressure or flow
  2. Use with low pressure system is possible if required
  3. Larger mass anode
  4. Quick recovery
  5. Provides hot water at sanitising temperatures
  6. Up to six heating element in cylinder
  7. Over temperature energy cut-off device cuts off supply if thermostat ceases to function
  8. A bank of 8 x 616 315 Rheem Commercial Electric Water Heaters can deliver up to 7480 litres of hot water in the first hour
  9. Suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation

» Electrical Connection
Rheem commercial electric water heaters can be wired using a single phase 240 Volts AC or 3 phase 415 Volts "star connected" AC supply, one phase per element for 3 element models or one phase per two elements for the 6 element models.

Model613 050613 315616 315
Storage Capacity60 ltr325 ltr325 ltr
Delivery Rating50 ltr315 ltr315 ltr
Heating Element (kW)3 x 3.6 or
3 x 4.8
3 x 3.6 or
3 x 4.8
6 x 3.6 or
6 x 4.8
A (mm)66516401640
B (mm)435640640
C (mm)475680680
D (mm)40512941294
E (mm)93128128
F (mm)83130130
H (°)303232
J (°)909090
Weight Empty34 Kg93 Kg95 Kg
Max. Thermostat Setting82° C82° C82° C
Factory Thermostat Setting75° C75° C75° C
Min. Thermostat Setting60° C60° C60° C
Manifold min centre to centre635 mm635 mm635 mm